Collection Liquidation

We can help you with one gun or one hundred guns.

Liquidation of collections.  There are several options available for your convenience ranging from our outright purchase of the whole collection to consignment sales of all or part of the collection, or a combination of both.

Safe and secure.  All local in person sales are made only to either a) holders of a Federal Firearms License (FFL); or. b) individuals with a valid Concealed Handgun License (CHL).  All transfers of all weapons are documented from the time the items leave your control to protect you from any liability exposure of a legal or financial nature.  Shipments via common carrier (UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) always go to a holder of an FFL by federal statue.

Outright Purchase. This is the fastest way to liquidate your items. We assess the item(s) and make you a firm offer to purchase. This offer is valid for seven days. The transfer is documented by item including serial number, total value and date of transfer.

Consignment Sales. This is usually the preferred method for higher end items. Often under this method, the item stays in your possession while we market it nationally for you. This method usually nets the seller a bit more total money, however it also usually takes longer for items to sell due to seasonal and market fluctuations. Once a deal is reached and the sale price is collected, the item(s) ships to the federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL) of the buyer’s choice. It is this receiving dealer that completes the required paperwork. For this service we collect a fee of 20% of the sales price.

Contact us for appraisals as well as liquidation of collections of any size.  Get started today!